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A highly intuitive Host & Interviewer, she employs diplomacy and grace with every undertaking.

Katerina Cozias

A versatile Host with intriguing insight and strong points of view.

About Fab After 40

In the first chapter of our lives, ages 0-39, we learn about ourselves. In the second chapter, ages 40-80, we transform from quiet caterpillars into awe-inspiring butterflies. Martha Stewart, Diane Von Furstenberg and Samuel L. Jackson are just some of the shining examples of people who harnessed the powerful core of who they were and then coupled it with the 40+ years of life experience they had in order to really produce magic – All of this after hitting that milestone age of 40. And all of them, fabulous!

Fab After 40, with Katerina Cozias helps navigate audiences through all the ups and downs, knowns and unknowns that come with entering those (shhhhh…) dreaded 40’s…

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Considered by many to be Los Angeles’ foremost rising media personality in long-form interviews, Katerina Cozias is a producer & the host of the popular morning talk show LA40 – “Life After 40″, which broadcasts digitally on LA Talk Radio. As the host of LA40 Katerina is perfectly positioned to add that human element to the show’s discussions, as she herself is newly navigating 40; and trying to figure out just what that means. Entering your 40’s? Well then, it’s time to tune in and start feeling fabulous!


An innovative communicator with a proven portfolio of success, Katerina is an international host with a dynamic on-air presence. Both on camera and off, her warm, personable style wins trust and helps build relationships with all audiences.

Media Relations

Collaborating with media agencies to bring news and information to the world, she has forged strong relationships with numerous media outlets including the Robb Report, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

Keeping up with Katerina

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“Demand excellence, and you will get it.”

- Katerina Cozias

LA40, with Katerina Cozias

Katerina is a contributing producer and digital media talk show host with LA Talk Radio.

As a member of one of the hottest internet talk-radio stations in the country and host of the quintessential generation-X radio/.comTV program LA40, with Katerina Cozias, Katerina navigates audiences and panel guests through exciting globally relevant discussions about all things “Life After 40″. Can “life after 40″ really be fabulous?

THIS WEEK: Does our tolerance change as we age? Should it? Tune in as Katerina sits with award winning director Yannis Sakaridis to explore how his latest film “Amerika Square” tackles this subject and more.

Tune in with Katerina weekly, Thursday mornings at 11am PST, on www.LaTalkRadio.com.

(Once on LATalkRadio’s homepage, scroll down to the TV Screen and click “Video Channel – Now Playing”
And don’t forget to get involved in the conversation. Join us by dialing-in: 1-818-570-5085)

Welcome to her Point of View

In her role as host, Katerina is often called upon to offer an opinion on topics of interest. Always holding true to her core values & beliefs including a healthy respect for intelligent conversation and a passion for debate, Katerina has earned a reputation for providing insightful assessment of, and interesting commentary on relevant issues. Tune in to her blog here.
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Interview Intrigue

Looking for tips & tricks on staying Fab After 40?
As a host on the webshow Book Circle Online, tune in with Katerina as she sits down with best selling authors to get their take on what it actually takes to stay Fab!

Proven Success

Katerina is a skilled communicator – both on camera and off. She effectively conveys news, information and stories to groups of any type or size, shining in the role of live public speaker and/or on-air television & radio personality.

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