About Katerina Cozias

Katerina Cozias is an international media personality, television & radio host. Her dynamic presence captivates audiences. An innovative communicator with a proven portfolio of success, with extensive media training and professional spokesperson expertise, both on camera and off, Katerina’s warm, personable style wins trust and helps build relationships with all audiences.

Television Talk Show Host By Katerina Cozias

Television Talk Show Host

Katerina Cozias is the producer & the host of the popular morning talk show LA40 on LA Talk Radio. Voted 8th best station of the top 50 digitally streamed radio/TV stations in the nation, LA40 is one of the fasted growing program on the network. She is also a recurring host and collaborator with Book Circle Online, Hollywood Spotlight On, ABTV, The Greek Reporter, RockMIX FM and Thrive Global.


As the co-author of two books and now hard at work on her third, Katerina has a strong understanding of the importance of being able to tap into the power-of-self in order to make your dreams come true. Featured on prominent media outlets, and now via her books, Katerina graciously shares her strategies on how you too can move from where you are to where you truly want to be. As America's Media Mindset Mentor, and a recognized leader in her field of media and presenting, Katerina has perfected the art of communication and self-expression and encourages her readers to take action on their passions.
Unleash Your Infinite Potential

Empowerment Speaker

Equal part motivator, entertainer and friend, as a professional speaker Katerina effectively conveys stories and personal change-techniques to groups of any type or size. Her speaking strength coupled with a high degree of professionalism and personal integrity make her ability to convey inspirational and motivational messages impressive. Katerina has a gift for lifting people up and helping to fuel their passion for life. In her capacity as a speaker, she offers an array of motivational, inspirational and empowering speech topics and can be available to speak at conferences, seminars and targeted events as a keynote speaker, group influencer or workshop instructor.

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Media Consultant

Katerina's hosting background is complemented by many years of business communications experience in the oil & gas and finance sectors as well as in lifestyle/entertainment. In these roles, she collaborated with media and agency partners to bring news and information to the world. She forged strong relationships with numerous media outlets including the Robb Report, Thrive Global and The Wall Street Journal and propelled start-up companies to heightened visibility by crafting strategic media pitches that led to expanded market exposure and increased bottom line sales.

"Demand excellence, and you will get it."

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