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Sponsor LA40, Get Brand & Product Exposure, Track & Convert Leads To Sales

LA40 sponsorship is the best way to get your company’s brand in front of millions of local and national viewers.

Most TV and Radio shows try to get sponsors and can’t promise conversions; Many companies spend thousands to millions of dollars and never see a return on their investment!

Why are we different?

We believe that you should make more money than you spend when you sponsor our show. Our sponsorship and television platform cares about conversions and about you maximizing the exposure you get.

Why You Or Your Company Should Sponsor LA40, with Katerina Cozias:

  • 1:1 Consultation with Katerina Cozias about how to maximize the exposure and conversions to your business from this sponsorship.
  • Specific call to action to direct the viewers and listeners to a promotion of yours or to highlight a specific feature or benefit of your product and/or service to your custom landing page that you've designed or to a link URL such as to track conversions. (Note: we have a specialized marketing team who can help you with your own landing page conversions).
  • Each episode you sponsor will be transcribed and featured on the Katerina Cozias blog and we will include your logo/ banner (usually 300x200) ad with a trackable link. We mail to our entire list weekly with these blogs.
  • Frequent social media mentions and promotions on all Katerina Cozias' global social platforms during the week featuring your live sponsored episode.
  • For our special "on location" segments, your business location could be used a featured background of the show.
  • 30-60 second sponsor adverts at the beginning, end and or midroll of the program. You provide the script, and Katerina will make sure it sounds natural for her audience. (Note: Katerina can also help you write your ad to engage her audience to take action for the best possible results).
  • In addition to LA Talk Radio the weekly show is also released via iTunes, YouTube, Google Play,, and more for increase exposure.
  • Lifetime promotion as new LA40 listeners and YouTube viewers download previous episodes, not just current ones so your sponsored message and offers stay current forever!
  • Strategic placement of your company logo and website for brand exposure.
  • Depending on your level of sponsorship, we can feature a member of your company as a special guest on LA40 on a topic relevant to your business.

The Audience

LA40 is geared primarily towards engaging the highest income demographic, Generation-X, consisting of 65 Million people nationally.
Katerina's subscribers are mostly USA based and are made up of people who consider themselves conscious entrepreneurs.


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