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Catapult your business to the next level. Imagine being miles ahead of the competition with your brand exposure and recognition. What that would mean for you and your family?

With experience both on-camera and off, we know that no matter what field you’re in, excellence in communication really does make all the difference when it comes to achieving success in business. If you are building your brand and want to Make Media work for you, click to book your free 1:1 strategy session with Katerina Cozias, in cooperation with VasGeo Media Corp.


Media Mindset Mastery

How to make a 7-figure business leveraging a media mindset. Most businesses believe that traditional media and advertising doesn't work any more… Well they're wrong! Katerina will show you how you can take a start up or your small business to be a global phenomenon through using media mindset effectively. Each week Katerina will share new strategies, which WORK today to not only increase the exposure of your business, but also gain you more targeted leads while instructing you on how to convert those leads into more sales. Learn how to experience growth in ongoing revenue 10x more quickly than using social media alone. LIMITED OFFER!

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Media Power Hour

What if, with just that little bit of guidance on how to polish and perfect your pitch, you could increase your media visibility and convert those new leads into sales? What would that mean for the growth of your business? Ask yourself, how successful have your media pitching efforts been? Have you landed high-quality media coverage? If you haven't been seeing success, don't worry, there are some easy tweaks you can make that can help you land your next media placement.

During The Media Power Hour You Get:

  • Strategies for how to get booked in the media
  • 1:1 personalized coaching for your media pitch
  • Strategies for turning your media spot into a lead generating and converting to sales machine
  • Access to prime media outlets and how to get your press releases published by national and global media.

Total Value ($1997). Fast action takers can access now for just $497.

The 21-Day "Make Media Matter" Intensive

Triple your media visibility in 90 days with this 21-day Make Media Matter online intensive. Katerina will also show how to get booked in the media, how to effectively use communication to increase sales and how to boost your on-camera confidence for more powerful and impactful TV appearances and on-air interviews.

When done correctly you can increase your brand image, name recognition and business exposure while adding to your organization's bottom line, resulting in targeted leads and increased sales for your products or services.

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Private Media Mentorship

As a recognized leader in her field of media and presenting, Katerina Cozias has perfected the art of communication and engaging her audiences to take action. Katerina knows from experience the benefit of good mentors and 1:1 personalized attention when preparing for media, interviews and live appearances on camera. Katerina is only taking on a select few to mentor one on one and if you qualify, she will work with you for 3 months minimum to help you prepare for your next media appearance.

Mentorship includes:

  • 2 x monthly live one-on-one calls
  • Unlimited email access to Katerina
  • What's Ap with "WhatsApp"
  • You or your brand featured on her talk show LA40
  • Video distribution of your LA40 talk show segment to 20,000 media outlets
  • Katerina on-set with you when you book your first live TV appearance
  • Access to Katerina's "Media Mavericks" private Facebook community and much much more

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