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The 21-Day Make Media Matter Online Intensive

Triple your media visibility in 90 days with this 21-day Make Media Matter online intensive.

Many businesses think they need to spend thousands of dollars a month with a PR firm to get in the media for the exposure they want… This is MYTH!

As the most effective marketing training in the media genre currently available online, this course shows you how to get booked in the media, without a PR “firm” saving you thousands of dollars while increasing brand exposure, customer loyalty and your bottom line revenue. The program also shares tips on how to effectively use communication to increase sales and how to boost your on-camera confidence for more powerful and impactful TV appearances and on-air interviews.

When done correctly, you will not only increase your name, brand recognition and exposure, but also add to the bottom line in your business while generating targeted leads and sales for your product or service.

This online 21-day program will provide you with:

  • 2 x 60 minute VIP Skype or phone session with Media Expert Katerina Cozias
  • Unlimited access to the training re-play videos in the membership area
  • Clarity on how to identify and effectively communicate your "hook"
  • Instruction on how to target media outlets
  • Interview tools that you'll need once you've been booked for that "live" in-studio appearance
  • Unlimited email and messenger access to Katerina and her team for up to 60 days post-program
  • Instructional handouts for media pitch creation
Katerina Cozias Talk Show LA40

This signature 21-Day Make Media Matter intensive is a three part training designed to refine and craft your media pitch, attract the attention of decision making producers and boost your personal & brand image as it pertains to going live on air. This unique training has resulted in additional exposure, heightened visibility and an increased close rate on sales for our clients.

BONUS: With this package you also receive a coveted spot on the TV talk show LA40 for a 15 minute in-depth feature segment on you or your product!

The 3 Pillar Media course outline is as follows

  • Polish
  • Pitch
  • Promote

Week 1: Polish

  • Media mindset mastery
  • How to craft your unique “media hook”
  • Identifying your 3 exclusive “key topics”
  • Leaving audiences with the “impression of increase”
  • The hidden qualities of great on-camera charisma
  • The 6 ways to make an effective first impression
  • The powerful body language habits of confident people

Week 2: Pitch

  • How to effectively pitch producers with just one phone call
  • Preparing captivating speaker points
  • Creating killer sound bites for maximum leverage
  • The 5 common mistakes people make when pitching to producers
  • The power of the pause
  • Understanding the importance of “education” vs “entertainment”
  • How to relate to the audience in a way that results in ratings (and sales!)

Week 3: Promote

  • Media kit essentials
  • Promoting using a one-page pitch plate
  • Designing your media pitch
  • Homepage and landing page essentials
  • Identifying and navigating the 4 distinct types of interviews
  • Writing & distributing an effective press release for maximum exposure
  • Secrets for navigating a successful TV segment (the do’s and the don’ts)
  • Course wrap up and closing insights

Why spend months or thousands of dollars on P.R agencies when you can access all this valuable, actionable information right now?

Get the 21-Day Make Media Matter Online Intensive and discover how to promote your product for increased media exposure and more sales within 90 days.

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Katerina is THE most qualified person I know to help you position your brand using media. She knows first hand what it takes to consistently get seen and heard. If you want to increase your visibility, she's your mentor!

- Amanda Hines, Business Success Coach