• How to unleash your Infinite Potential

    As a successful Global Media Specialist and Co-Author of the highly anticipated book Rising Up From Mental Slavery: How to Unleash Your Infinite Potential, Katerina, together with talented co-author Danielle Martins outline personal transformation strategies on how you too can tap into the incredible power-of-self and unleash your infinite potential

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  • The change book series

    Katerina is a contributing co-author in the fastest growing & best selling book series in the Personal Empowerment genre, The Change Book Series. Appearing in Book #15, Katerina shares her wisdom on the importance of mastering your media mindset and the transformational power of embracing change.

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  • Make Media Matter

    Discover how to Polish, Pitch & Promote your product for increased media visibility within 90 days! In the book Make Media Matter Katerina couples her global media expertise with practical Hollywood Insider tips to provide insight on the masterful ways to leverage the four pillars of the media in order to catapult yourself and your business ahead of the competition for increased sales and exponential business growth. Pick up your copy of this anticipated book and Make Media Matter.

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