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The popular morning talk show LA40 broadcasts directly out of Hollywood via LA TALK RADIO & TV, which is voted 8th best station of the top 50 digitally streamed radio stations in the nation. With an unprecedented ranking on Google, thousands of links to the network, and continually growing traffic, the station now broadcasts over 80 shows for every taste and interest. LA40, with Katerina Cozias is among the top ranked web shows on the network.


LA40, in cooperation with VasGeo Media Corp., is now offering select authors, actors, sports stars, influencers and entrepreneurs a unique platform for national hyper-exposure. Katerina has teamed up with one of NYC's most reputable PR agencies resulting in a partnership that now offers distribution to over 30,000 media and entertainment outlets across television, radio, digital and print platforms.

LA40 is now offering its highly anticipated "Exposure Power Hour" opportunity to the general public. If selected for a special feature spot by Katerina and her team, confirmed guests will receive:

  • 2x90 minute pre-production media training sessions to maximize your on-camera appearance
  • A professionally produced platform from which to showcase your book, service, product or project
  • A fully curated interview and 45 minutes of undisrupted airtime
  • Segment playback link for your own social media marketing
  • Inquisitive conversation via a one-on-one interview & featured personalized content
  • Immediate audience reach of 10,000 targeted viewers
  • National post-show distribution to over 30,000 media outlets

The Exposure Power Hour is valued at $2,499, however Katerina likes to give back and support emerging entrepreneurs and professionals. When you apply via this website and qualify to be a guest star for a featured spot, Katerina is offering for a limited-time only all of the above for an investment of just $997.

To apply for a guest spot on LA40, enter your details and apply here:

    • *National and International guests are encouraged to apply!