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Katerina Cozias is considered one of the rising stars in long form interview and one-on-one in depth discussion. Tune in as Katerina as she navigates audiences through digital television Interview Intrigue. As the featured host with various independent digital media channels, Katerina conducts in-depth interviews and intriguing discussions with acclaimed book authors, entrepreneurs, social change makers and celebrity guests.

  • Speaker Katerina Cozias - Knowing your unique CCC Ratio

  • Media Personality & Author Katerina Cozias Featured on KUSI's "Good Morning San Diego"

  • TV Host Katerina Cozias guest stars on The Jenny McCarthy Show

  • Speaker Katerina Cozias - Confidence, Charisma & Communication

  • Meet The Host with Michael Rippe : Katerina Cozias

  • Speaker Katerina Cozias - Achieve Momentum Now Conference (Full Speech)

  • Speaker Katerina Cozias - The Importance of Sound Bites

  • Katerina Cozias guest stars on the Game Changer Mentality Podcast

  • Media Personality Katerina Cozias interviewed on UBN Radio & TV

  • Speaker Katerina Cozias - How to Confidently Connecting with Your Audience

  • Speaker Katerina Cozias - The importance of showing up for your dreams

  • Host Katerina Cozias Interviews Author Alex Broches

  • Speaker Katerina Cozias - 8 Second Attention Span & the Communication of the Future

  • Trailer for the Best Selling Book "Rising Up from Mental Slavery"

  • Speaker Katerina Cozias - Giving off the Impression of Increase

  • Media Personality & Host Katerina Cozias Interviews Janet Newcomb

  • Speaker Katerina Cozias - CPI Training (Charisma, Persuasion & Influence)

  • Katerina Cozias recaps CNBC's "The Profit"

  • Speaker Katerina Cozias - Energetic Stamps of the Future

  • Katerina Cozias Features Megayacht NISI 2400

  • Katerina Cozias cracks the CEO Code, with author David Rohlander

  • Weight Loss Reality TV Creator, JD Roth interviewed by Katerina Cozias

  • Media Host Katerina Cozias Interviews Marketing Guru Keith Chambers

  • Hollywood Medium Season 2 Episode 1Review & After Show | AfterBuzz TV

  • Media Personality Katerina Cozias Gabs with Author Alan Swyer

  • Host Katerina Cozias interviews spiritual guru Marianne Williamson

  • Speaker Katerina Cozias - Getting Through the Media Gatekeepers

  • Interviewing Hip Hop Legend Wu-Tang

  • Host Katerina Cozias interviews Dr. Mark Goulston (IG miniclip)

  • Drop Debt - Host Katerina Cozias finds out how with author Harvey Warren

  • Of Kings And Prophets Season 1 Episode 2 Review & After Show | AfterBuzz TV

  • Katerina Cozias Interviews Author Geshe Michael Roach (IG teaser clip)

  • Katerina Cozias reports live from Vegas

  • Media Personality Katerina Cozias Interviews Author Gino Paulino

  • Paul Michael Glaser Interviewed by Host Katerina Cozias (IG Teaser Clip)

  • Katerina Cozias interviews author Stacey Cargnelutti (Short)

  • Martyn Burke Interviewed by Host Katerina Cozias (IG Teaser Clip)

  • 2016 Billboard Music Awards Special | AfterBuzz TV

  • Live @ the 2017 California Women's Conference with Alexandra Levin

  • Weight Loss Reality TV Creator, JD Roth interviewed by Katerina Cozias B

  • Delving into "The Can't-idates" with author Craig Tomashoff

  • The Profit Season 3 Episodes 10 & 11 Review & AfterShow | AfterBuzz TV

  • Spotlight On Interview - Host Katerina Cozias Gabs with Producer Steve Seigel

  • Spotlight On Interview - Host Katerina Cozias gabs with Lornalitz Baez

  • Katerina Cozias Features Yachting & Luxury Lifestyle

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