Generate Highly Targeted Leads & Make Sales In Your Business Through Strategic Media Appearances

Are you a start up or emerging entrepreneur? Perhaps a coach, musician or artist looking to promote yourself as your brand?

As an experienced global media expert and Hollywood TV host, Katerina knows which pitch tactics work in getting your brand featured in major media to strategically leverage yourself or your product and see you move from start up to global powerhouse!

Katerina has experienced success and recognizes the value of giving back. And so, she is happy to share her knowledge and expertise by hosting FREE monthly training webinars.

Katerina will share new strategies, which WORK today and will not only increase the media visibility and exposure of your business, but also gain you more targeted leads and teach you how to convert those leads into more sales and ongoing revenue 10x more quickly than by simply using social media alone.

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    Access the 3-step media strategy proven to accelerate your business on all levels.

    Here, you will learn how to leverage the media to POLISH, PITCH and PROMOTE your brand:

    • Learn how to polish your brand image and leave audiences with the "impression of increase" for more sales
    • Communicate powerfully using the hidden qualities of great on-camera charisma and outshine the competition
    • Pitch effectively to producers by creating captivating talking points and killer sound bites,
    • Promote your pitch to TV producers with just one phone call and get on TV!
    • Learn how to leverage the 4-key media platforms to exponentially increase your brand visibility and boost sales!

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    “The 5 common mistakes people make when pitching to the media”.